Choosing a Cord Blood Bank

Around the world, the continued proliferation of cord blood banks is a strong testament to the value of cord blood banking. Where there is no ready access to public cord blood programs, or where such initiatives are still in infancy, private cord blood storage exists to provide families with choice and option.

As a responsible private cord blood storage programme serving family needs, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with some of the considerations in choosing a cord blood bank before you make this important decision.

For detailed reference, please visit A Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Banks , a website supported by a non-profit foundation aimed at providing expectant parents with unbiased information on cord blood banking.

Also, Cord Blood Association of Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to educate the Canadian public about cord blood stem cell, provide a useful guildline for expectant parents. Please read "Comparing Cord blood Banks" on their website for relevant factors that should be aware of when choosing a cord blood bank.