MVE Tank for Long Term Storage

The cryopreserved cord blood units must be stored at a temperature below glass transition point (Tg) which is in general regarded as being -132oC. Below this temperature no diffusion can take place and thus the biological clock stops. This means below this temperature the integrity of the cryopreserved cord blood units can be maintained, at least theoretically, for eternity. In fact -150oC will be quoted as critical temperature by many researchers applying cryopreservation technology.

CRYOLIFE uses MVE storage tank for long term cord blood storage. This vapour phase storage tank is widely use in medical, scientific research and academic units. It can be maintained at -196℃.

Previous study has shown that liquid nitrogen raised a potential contamination problem [1], therefore, we have adopted the more advance MVE vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage tanks to eliminate the risk of virus transfer and cross contamination. MVE storage tanks are able to maintain consistent temperature between -185℃ to -190℃ which is safe for cord blood storage and retrieval.

Manufacturer MVE Bio-Medical Division, Chart Industries, Inc.
  • freeze by vapor phase liquid nitrogen
  • storage and retrieval manually
  • no contact media which eliminates the risk of virus transfer and cross contamination*
  • vapor phase liquid nitrogen tank is the mainstream of the industry
  • not depends on power supply, liquid nitrogen can br fill up manually if lack of power supply
  • comparative stable, can maintain appropriated temperature for 2 weeks even no liquid nitrogen refill
Utility rate

Well developed technology, a common standard in cryopreservation match the needs of medical and research organizations, universities worldwide, many famous institutions had adopted MVE tank including:

  • Medical and Research Organization
    • University of Cambridge, UK
    • The University of Hong Kong, HK
    • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
    • Queen Mary Hospital, HK
  • Cord Blood Bank

[1] Brisko T et al., Cell Biochem Biophys. 2007;48:165-175
[2] Vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage approach eliminates cross-contamination of cryopreserved cord blood unit by Anthony C.F. Chan, Ph.D. (Cantab)

MVE Tank: Specification