Emergency Plan and Safety Compliance

In 2008, CRYOLIFE devoted $5 million to upgrade the laboratory for cord blood processing and storage, and to improve the room safety, while over $1 million was spent on vacuum steel pipes installation.



Nitrogen Supply
Vacuum Pipe
  • Quality steel pipes manufactured in German.
  • Ensure stable nitrogen supply from nitrogen source to MVE storage tank.
  • Minimize nitrogen leakage to protect safety of technicians and storage room.
Monitoring Facilities
Planer Assure24Seven Monitoring System + 24-hr Surveillance Alarm System
  • Specialized for monitoring temperature of apparatus in laboratory
  • 24-hr computerized system, record the condition of the storage tanks
  • All management team, laboratory team and transport team are equipped with Blackberry, related management staff will be notified and take corresponding action if storage tanks in abnormal situation
  • Round the clock surveillance to protect the corb blood smaples are in stable storage condition
Backup Power Supply
Backup Battery + UPS Uninterruptible power supply system
  • lasting for 72 hours in emergency and remain normal operation for each storage tank
  • UPS retain a steady electric current
  • centrifuge can run normally even facing an unexpected power failure, no cord blood processing will be interrupted
  • execute contingency plan with good flexibility
Fire and Buliding Safety Compliance, Location
Storage rooms are tiled with certified fire safe building materials + Full compliance with the fire and building safety regulations with
  • sufficient anti-fire capability, management team have enough time for taking contingency action
Contingency plan conform to AABB accreditation
  • comprehensive contingency plan to cope with disaster like earthquake, tornado, fire and etc
  • in emergencies, management team have sufficient ability to protect the storage tanks and cord blood sample
Located at Delta House, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin
  • located in transport hub of Shatin, cord blood arrive the laboratory in many ways
  • to minimize the change of storage condition, our management had made a responsible decision that not to relocate our facilities even though we have been invited by the Hong Kong Science & Tehcnology Parks