Cord Blood Processing

CRYOLIFE promises “What You Paid is What You Get”

In 2008, CRYOLIFE setup a new standard in family cord blood storage marketing, introducing automated cord blood processing system - AXP AutoXpress™ Platform to Hong Kong. AXP improves the recovery rate of cord blood stem cell which give a much better service to our clients. AXP AutoXpress™ Platform minimizes the chance of contamination during the cell harvesting process. The automated design also enhances the efficiency of recovering mononuclear cell (MNC) from a cord blood sample. 



AXP Processing Bag Set lot no. is now marked on your Test and Storage Report

Since then, CRYOLIFE process cord blood sample with AXP processing system. We promises “What you paid is what you get”! CRYOLIFE will NOT just claim to use AXP but process manually in behind. To guarantee our service commitment, AXP Processing Bag Set lot no. is now marked on the test and storage report. Clients can understand what they pay for.

Test and Storage Report Sample (a part):                    

請即按此Please click here to distinguish between AXP AutoXpress™ Platform and Manual Processing


Comparison between AXP and other processing method
  AXP™ Automated System Sepax™ Automated System Manual Processing
Manufacturer ThermoGenesis Biosafe -
Processing Time ~40min. ~40min. ~ 2 - 4hr.
TNC Recovery Rate
>97%* 81.0%# 80 - 90%^
  • The whole process, recover, collection and storage, is conduct in a close environment
  • Independent computer system record the processing information
  • High stablity with high recovery rate
  • Enhances processing efficiency, increase the cell viability
  • Enhances contamination control
  • Processing several smaple in the same time when needed
  • Advanced data tracking system
  • Everything build in
  • Only one sample can be process at one time, increase the waiting time of cord blood sample, may affect the cell viability
  • Depends on technician's experience and judgement
  • Increase processing time, raise the probability of contamination
  • Depends on technician's experience, recovery rate may not stable
Remarks: The highest recovery rate by CRYOLIFE with AXP™ automated system is 99%

#actual data collected in a test run by CRYOLIFE in 2007
^statistic figures by CRYOLIFE's past manual processing data