Latest QA Test Results of Cord Blood Sample

CRYOLIFE routinely conducts biannual quality assurance test. The latest test carried out in Dec 2013. The result will be published on our website for public's reference. Our sample viability test bespeaks the quality of our service.

Latest sample viability test result (Dec 2013):

Year of Processing Preservation Period Recovery of Viability CFU
(x 104/mL)
2006 7 yr 8 mth 95.9% 0.11-1.60
2007 6 yr 3 mth 99.7%
2008 5 yr 8 mth 95.3%
2011 1 yr 11 mth 99.0%


CRYOLIFE laboratory researchers thawed 5 samples cryopreserved for different periods and evaluated their cell viability. The result is satisfying, showing that the recovery of viability of all samples is over 90%. The result of CFU (colony-forming unit) assays of the samples demonstrate the ability of multiply and differentiate is preserved.