CEO Message

CEOBecause Quality means everything.

Quality is always important in all aspects in CRYOLIFE.

We commit to provide a reliable stem cell storage service and take quality control seriously from collection of sample, running of tests and inventory management.

During cryopreservation, materials and equipment used are closely monitored by our professional staffs whose technical skills are kept up by different proficiency tests twice a year, when QA check is also done. Proficiency tests and performances of each technical staff are reviewed by Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLTI). Our test and storage reports are reviewed by experienced Medical Advisor.

CRYOLIFE applies minimal manipulation to cord cells not only cell expansion would lower its proliferation potential and differentiation ability; but also it might shorten its lifespan or even change the character of cord cells. Contamination, encountered in many cell expansion laboratories, can cause serious consequences. Depending of usage of stem cells like transplantation, CRYOLIFE takes precautions and carries out inspection and testing according to advices and suggestions by corresponding medical doctor(s) and institution(s).

Not only do we follow the most stringent quality control standards, we go beyond them by joining the international AABB accreditation program (the industry's leading authority), in which AABB assessors were on site at the laboratory to evaluate the safety and control of environment.

Rest assured, you are in safe hands with CRYOLIFE.

Vadanee Lau
Chief Executive Officer