Customer Testimonial

Thanks for choosing CRYOLIFE. Your support is a proof of our professional services, and your words are our motivation to move forward.

image-05CRYOLIFE is recommended by my O&G doctor. The consultant of CRYOLIFE is very responsible and explains all the details to me. I think their service is the best, so I choose CRYOLIFE for my baby. And, I found most of my friends join CRYOLIFE, it gives me much more confidence!
Yumi Ying, support CRYOLIFE since 2008

image-05Saving cord blood is similar to investing life-time insurance for our baby, so reliable is the most concerned criteria when choosing a cord blood bank. My son’s cord blood has been stored for more than 4 years. We visited CRYOLIFE’s laboratory again recently. We are pleased to find their laboratory facilities and storage room environment is kept on improving. We believe in CRYOLIFE!
Eva Lau and Gary Cheng,
with child, Hay Cheng, support CRYOLIFE since 2004

image-05We are glad that we choose CRYOLIFE for our lovely Bethel. With their professional service and automated system, AXP, we have full confidence on storing Bethel’s cord blood for 18 years. Nowadays, there are so many unknown diseases. Cord blood stem cells will be the key therapy in the future. No one want their kids suffer from sickness and need to use their cord blood for treatment. But as a parent, we should prepare for ”just in case”! And someday, Bethel’s cord blood may save other in needed.
IU PIK YUK ANGEL, support CRYOLIFE since 2008

image-05Every parents concern their child’s health. Save cord blood with CRYOLIFE is saving a health protection for our baby. It is our first gift for him!
Winnie Au Yeung, support CRYOLIFE since 2009

image-05The whole procedure from collection to storage cord blood is very smooth, thanks for CRYOLIFE's excellent service! We hope CRYOLIFE have a better future in business and keep on advancing their storage technologies.
Carmen Chan and Andy Cheung, support CRYOLIFE since 2009

image-05Thank you and Cryolife for giving us a peace of mind!
Joyce Cheng, support CRYOLIFE since 2009