Laboratory Team

All technicians in CRYOLIFE laboratory team are registered medical laboratory technologist authorized by Supplementary Medical Professions Council of Hong Kong with over 5 years experience in laboratory operation.




Dr Samantha SW Shan | Laboratory Director of CRYOLIFE
PhD in AnatomyThe Chinese University of Hong Kong

Apart from ensuring smooth operation and provision of quality laboratory services, Dr. Shan is also responsible for enhancing the service of the cord blood bank and product of CRYOLIFE. She devotes herself to form collaborations with local and overseas academic and clinical researchers to further explore the potential clinical applications of umbilical cord blood and stem cells.


Academic Background
Doctoral of Philosophy (Anatomy) The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Master of Philosophy (Biochemistry) The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) 2nd Upper Class Hon. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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