Professional Voice

CRYOLIFE invite professionals from different constituencies to share their point of view on saving cord blood. We hope their professional advice can help all expectant parents to make an appropriate decision for their babies.

RosanneMy husband and I strongly believe in the future potential of storing our children's stem cells. We researched various stem cell bank options and we finally chose CRYOLIFE because of their customer service, reliability and professionalism.
The CRYOLIFE consultant was extremely helpful and knowledgable in explaining the use and opportunities of cord blood as well as describing their meticulous processing and storage techniques. We are confident CRYOLIFE will support our families needs in the future.

Ms. Rosanne Wong (Artist)

ManI had no idea parenting could be so worrying and stressful. Before I got pregnant, we started making plans for the baby; but during the pregnancy, we were getting more concerned about the her health until we met CRYOLIFE. I have confidence in their experience, accreditations and professionalism in cord blood and cord storage; and can focus on my mind on her well-being.

Ms. Man Chung Han (Artist)

JoyceWe would like to thank CRYOLIFE with the decision to bank our son’s cord blood. We believe cord blood banking is like an investment in health. It is really worth keeping our baby’s cord blood ready for the future if we ever need it. It is a very simple process and we don’t have to undergo pain to extract the stem cells that we need.I hope pregnant mothers will get to know more about cord blood banking as it is very important. This is a best gift of life for my child!

Ms. Joyce (Musician)


JacquelineWe choose CRYOLIFE for its long history of cord blood storage with international accreditation, which assures high quality care and services. The smooth collection; as well as its timely updates and reports help relieve our stress during laboring and first week of parenthood. What impressed me most was the preparation by its proactive and attentive staff when Zac called in the mid-night, before I entered the delivery room. For our second child, CRYOLIFE is our first choice.

Dr. Jacqueline Luk and Zac Koo (Famous Artist)


albertParents shall be the one who are responsible for teaching their kids the concept and benefits of life-long planning. For Aidan’s father, I planned for the best for Aidan, which is to save Aidan’s cord blood. The banking of cord blood is certainly one of the best forms of life insurance for Aidan’s future. “CRYOLIFE is my choice. From the initial service description to the quick collection of Aidan’s cord blood, the whole process is managed by teams of caring consultants and medical professionals. I was pleased with CRYOLIFE’s quality service. I would definitely choose CRYOLIFE, no doubt about it.”

Mr. Albert Au (A host of i-CABLE Entertainment News)


margaregSaving cord blood and cord can safeguard my child’s health. Thanks to CRYOLIFE. I appreciate their professional and excellent service very much. CRYOLIFE is the first and most experienced cord blood bank in HK. Their staff can clearly explain their service to me. Let me understand the importance of equipment and accreditation to my child’s cord blood. I am confident with CRYOLIFE and am sure I make the right choice to store my child’s cord blood with them. I will recommend CRYOLIFE to my friends as well.

Ms. Margaret Chung (Famous Yoga Teacher)

image-05Why did I save umbilical cord for my baby? Because I believe the technology will be more advanced in the future. Current research showing that cord stem cell can develop a new liver.  I think storage of cord cell is an additional insurance to my child.  It can help other patients if necessary. So I believe my decision on storage of my child's umbilical cord is the best!

Mrs. Chingmy Sham (Famous Artist)

"Choosing the best to the children is important.  I have confidence on the professional service of CRYOLIFE to safeguard the health for my precious sons Lucas and Quintus. Thanks to CRYOLIFE for their reliable and efficient service from enquiry, cord blood collection and reporting."  ……(Read more in Chinese version)
Ms. Cecilia Cheung (Famous Artist)

image-05“Parents love and cherish their children”I totally understand it after I become father. I arrange the best to my wife and my baby such as consulting with reputable doctor and searching for the best hospital for birth. Moreover, I must treasure an opportunity to save my daughter's cord bloods.   Thanks to CRYOLIFE for their professional and responsible service……(Read more in Chinese version)
Mr. Dong Jia Yao
The Executive Director of Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd
A celebrity host of TV Program