CRYOLIFE Lab Renovation

As the only AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accredited cord blood laboratory in Hong Kong, in Fall 2008, CRYOLIFE devoted its investment to upgrade the laboratory for cord blood processing and storage.

Smoother workflow. Shorter processing time.
Hygienic and spacious, our 10,000 sq ft laboratory is in conjunction with the cord blood storage room. To boost up efficiency and shorten processing time of cord blood sample, all process – from verifying sample, conducting basic tests, processing cord blood sameple, undergoing controlled-rate freezing to cryopreservation – are smoothly conducted in the same area.

Over $1M investment on vacuum steel piping
We have further invested over $1 million to install professional vacuum steel piping in our storage tank room. The pipes connect liquid nitrogen supply with storage tanks. With individual sensor on each storage tank, sufficient liquid nitrogen automatically refills into the storage tank, which maintain a highly stable temperature for the cryopreserved samples.

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