HLA Typing Won't Affect Stem Cell Volume

HLA (human leukocyte antigen) typing requires a small amount of red blood cell and blood platelets from cord blood. As cord blood stem cells are not extracted for the typing, number of stem cell harvested and stored is not affected. However, there is a recent rumour says stem cells are required in HLA typing. CRYOLIFE strongly condemns any parties who spread this misleading rumour, which reflects their improfessionalism on cord blood storage and related technologies.

Medical studies and researches agree that only red blood cell and blood platelets are required for HLA typing. HLA typing takes the longest before a cord blood treatment really takes places. Therefore, taking the HLA typing service as early as possible speedups the cord blood treatment process when such a medical demand arises.

CRYOLIFE promotes CRYOmatch service to provide free HLA typing service. The establishment of our first private cord blood registry in Hong Kong facilitates a higher chance of finding a HLA compatible sample for patients in need.

We wish every expectant parent could study more information about cord blood storage and application to choose a trustworthy and reliable cord blood bank.

CRYOLIFE Family Cord Blood Bank
16October, 2009