AABB accreditation effortlessly renewed to end of 2011

CRYOLIFE the first cord blood bank in Hong Kong with world-class accreditation
AABB accreditation effortlessly renewed to end of 2011

CRYOLIFE, the first cord blood bank in Hong Kong and China earned the professional American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accreditation, has recently passed the stringent reassessment of the international accreditation program and extended its accreditation to the year 2011.

Highly praised by AABB assessor

After reviewing CRYOLIFE's state-of-the-art facility and professional management system, AABB's Accreditation and Quality Lead Assessor, Ms. Frances Ivester, was more than satisfied with the company's exceptionally high standard of service.  “I am extremely impressed by your operation, facility and staff,” said Ms Ivester. “Your evident commitment to quality is to be commanded.”

CRYOLIFE first achieved the AABB accreditation, the highest professional standard recognised by the industry worldwide, in 2007. At that time, the company was the only cord blood bank in Hong Kong and China to earn the prestigious recognition, staying ahead in the industry.

Managing over 12,000 units of cord blood samples, CRYOLIFE is now the largest cord blood bank in Hong Kong. Started operations in 1998, CRYOLIFE was the first family cord blood storage programme in the Asian region and the first cord blood bank in Hong Kong and China to be accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). It possesses a sophisticated web-based monitoring system to provide round the clock recording of the condition of the blood samples in storage. In 2008, CRYOLIFE invested over HKD 5 million to upgrade its 10,000-sq-foot facility in Shatin, to provide world-class cord blood collection, processing and storage services in Hong Kong and the Asian region.

In September this year, the company’s extensive international network facilitated the first medical case of a Hong Kong cerebral palsy patient receiving a cord blood transplant. The cord blood of the patient, a seven-year-old girl, stored in CRYOLIFE since her birth, was flown to the US safely by the company's dedicated transport team. After a series of thorough tests, the cord blood was found to be in perfect condition with 100% recovery of cord blood stem cells and the volume of cord blood unchanged, enabling the patient to receive the cord blood transplant as an experimental treatment to improve her condition.

With 62 years of operation, AABB is an international association with one of the highest standards of accreditations in the world. CRYOLIFE is one of the only around 50 AABB accredited blood banks in the globe. The AABB Accreditation Program, assessing the quality and operational systems of a facility, is in compliance with Standards, Code of Federal Regulations and federal guidance documents. An AABB assessor is sent to the facility to carry out on-site evaluation, reviewing the safety and management of laboratory from its daily operation, risk controls, as well as documentation and records.

For more information, please go to www.cryolife.com.hk or contact Marketing and Operation Manager, Ms. Anita Lam at 2108 2136

CRYOLIFE Family Cord Blood Bank
14December, 2009