CRYOLIFE Member's Event: 24 Apr 2010 "Make your own PIZZA for Papa & Mama"

CRYOLIFE first client activity, "DIY pizza for Papa & Mama" was held on 24th April at Fat Angelo's Italian Restaurant, Tsim Sha Tsui.  The first workshop was suitable for children aged 3 - 6 years old while the second one was suitable for children aged 7-12. All workshops were full booked in the first day of enrollment.

All children put on apron and hat to become a little chef.  They followed the instruction of restaurant's staff,  putting their favorite ingredient onto the pizza with Papa and Mama to make their own pizza. The pizza looks great!            The little chefs were eager to take photo with their pizza.

                                                                                      .. Afternoon tea was served to the children and their parent while waiting for pizza preparation. In addition, a certificate was presented to appreciate their work.  Let's took a photo with the pizza and Papa & Mama.


Parents and children enjoyed this activity so much.  The next workshop for children aged 7-12 will be held on 1st May. In the future, Cryolife will arrange more activities for families. 


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29th April 2010