Notes to Client’s Area

1.Member’s Identification
After client’s cord blood sample is stored and test and storage report is sent, client’s information will be transferred to the Member’s Area by our internal system.
For client who bank his/her first cord blood sample in CRYOLIFE, please set up a member’s account upon your first login. For client who bank his/her second or more samples in CRYOLIFE, your personal data will be updated automatically. A single account records all your sample storage information.

2.First log-in
Set up member’s account:
Go to > Client’s area > Set-up client’s account
Submit your surname, given name, 10 digit-registration numbers; baby’s birth day and email address which has been used upon your enrollment. Our system will automatically send a login password to your email address. Please use your email address and the password to login to the client’s area.

3.Change of Password
You could change your password anytime you want.
Go to > Client’s area > Client login > Change password > Submit your new password

4.Client’s privilege
CRYOLIFE client’s area is a value added service for clients. Client exclusive activities and benefits will be announced on this area.

5.Change of personal information
Please update your personal information to keep up with our latest news.
Go to > Client’s area > Client login > Change personal information > Submit your updated personal information

6.Forget password
You could reset your personal password with the following steps.
Go to > Client’s area > Client login > Choose “forget password” > Submit your email address and 10-digit registration number
Our system will reset your password and notify you through email.